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Essential Sources on the web.

You can always buy books of course, but almost all the material I use to write about  the neoliberal thought-collective and the blight of managerialism is available on the web in one form or another.

You will also have your own personal history as evidence. Even if you are still at school, you will have been affected by the application of neoliberal and managerialist dogmas to your education.  If you are older, whether you are working or retired or unemployed, neoliberalism and managerialism  will have had a huge impact on your life over the past thirty years or so.

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The SuperCompetent Alternative to Neoliberalism

Few of the many millions who are sickened by the lack of action on climate change, the privatisation and outsourcing of public-services, benefit cut-backs, zero-hours contracts, corporate political influence, bank bail-outs,  fracking, rising inequality, the scrapping of environmental protection understand that these and many other evils are surface manifestations of the Neoliberal model at work.

Russell Brand seemedto be speaking on behalf of millions of others when he said,

I’m not voting out of absolute indifference and weariness and exhaustion from the lies, treachery, deceit of the political class…”.

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