Google alerts: Neoliberalism

I am a great fan of Google Alerts.

I receive weekly alerts by email for Command and Control Leadership, Latin American Social Movements, Brazilian corruption and one or two others.

On January 11th. the Neoliberalism alert contained these articles:

Draconian Neoliberalism
With the new Republican Congress being seated in January 2015 there is no doubt that there will be efforts to further expand neoliberal policies at the …

Neoliberalism’s Latin American Struggle
“For example, when we say that the Chilean state should become a true guarantor of material rights, that is certainly antithetical to the neoliberal …

Welcome to Infoshop
Infoshop News
Neoliberal austerity policies embody an ideology that produces both zones of abandonment and forms of social and civil death while also infusing …

A few dollars more
Le Monde Diplomatique
Even the International Labour Organisation has picked up the neoliberal idea that slightly better off members of the global working class can now be

Interview—Mexico in flames: The challenges facing the movement
International Socialism Journal
Yes in the neoliberal years there has been a general attack against public education. Specifically, the state has tried to make the normales disappear.

Development Space vs Democracy Space
The (subscription)
It is from this fact that his idea of extending developmental space links the second notion, namely, neoliberalism. David Harvey defines neoliberalism …

The real road to serfdom
On Line opinion
The contemporary order just about everywhere is oft justified with respect to neoliberal ideas, and so it is that we may frame a hypothesis; examination …

Jobs Report Reveals 35-Year Truth
That was the start of the current trend of the “neoliberal” policy mania that took hold in the U.S. and which has since been spreading to the rest of the …

The number of items is not large but the range of commentaries and topics within which neoliberalism is under attack is encouraging. We need many more of course. When the day dawns when there are hundreds of similarly hostile entries, in English and every other major language each week, we will be making real progress in defeating this evll doctrine.

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