Super-Smart Democracies

As President Evo Morales of Bolivia said on December 21st 2012, “

Mother Earth is the essential starting point for thinking about democracy in the 21st Century and beyond.

The world is experiencing a crisis of political systems because they … are elitist, exclusive, governed by oligarchical leaderships with the vision of filling the pockets of a few and not serving the people.

Just as Copernicus and the scientists that followed him dethroned the Earth from the centre of the Universe, so we now need to dethrone the debt-money system and the power of the plutocrats from the centre of our democratic universe.

In the 1550s, Copernicus put astronomy on the right track after over two thousand years of beng on the wrong track. The current elite-centred paradigm of democracy is herding humanity and the natural world down the worst possible track: one that leads to a nightmare future of soaring temperatures and mass extinctions.

Today we desperately need a democratic paradigm that is centred on the successful management of the human family’s complex relationships with the natural world.  Within such a paradigm, we and our institutions would have a chance of learning how to adapt and cooperate so as to meet the unprecedented and unpredictable changes that are cascading towards us.

With their ensembles of participative, cybernetic and soft-systems processes (i.e. Super-Smarts) the alternative model of democracy that I am proposing, could help our societies to navigate their way along a very different path: one that could lead the human family to a just and sustainable future.

Super-Smart Democracies will emerge when the people, their liberating leaders and their technical professionals learn how to use ensembles of participative, cybernetic and soft-systems processes to co-create increasingly just, sustainable and super-smart communities, organisations, enterprises, cities  and states.

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