Super-Competent Democracies

Super-Competent Democracies will ’emerge’ when the people, their systems-leaders, and their technical professionals learn how to use management cybernetics, participatory systems design and problem-posing dialogues to co-create increasingly just, sustainable and Super-Competent organisations, enterprises, communities, public services and governments.

Some Forthcoming Posts

  • The importance of understanding ‘Emergence’
  • James Lovelock and Gaia Theory
  • The Change Equation
  • Schumpeter’s Competing Elites model of democracy
  • Jean-Francois Revel’s rules for revolutionaries
  • Thomas Kuhn’s model for paradigm change
  • All paradigms are ‘work in progress’.
  • Positive and Negative Tribalism
  • Managing complexity successfully
  • Systems thinkers:

W. Edwards Deming,

Stafford Beer

John Seddon

Peter Checkland,

Dee Hock: Chaordic Organisations: Purposes and Principles

Horst Rittel: Wicked and Tame Problems:  The ORAKEL project

  • Salvador Allende, Stafford Beer and the Cybersyn Project
  • Participatory Systems Change Processes
  • Paulo Freire: Problem-Posing Dialogues: Monologue vs Dialogue
  • The ensemble of super-competencies
  • The Super-Competencies Community


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